We help SME owners sleep at night by improving your business a little every day.

Just like your favourite health tracker, Entactic guides SME leaders and teams with the next thing you need to do to create consistency, gain confidence, and land more cash in the bank.

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Supporting teams at every stage of business

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New Starters

Just starting out and looking to find the reliable engine on which to build?

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Leadership Handovers

Stepping into a leadership position but need some stability to start your plans?

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Looking to Grow

Need to find a way to grow without kicking the wheels off what you've got?

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Business Turnarounds

Looking down the barrel and need to move quickly to work your way out of it?

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In a nutshell, how it works...

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An achievable plan

Work as a team to build a plan using tactics you've designed and validated.

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Focus on progress

Keep track and stay accountable as you move towards you goals.

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Resolve issues early

Get alerted to key issues, and resolve them before they sink the ship.

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Build a tactics toolbox

Over time build up a toolbox of all of the tactics you've used to grow.

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Your shared live view

Give your team a simple, live, shared understanding of whats going. No jargon.

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Experts when needed

When things don't go your way, book a session with an expert to get on track.

Think of it as a Health & Fitness App for Small Business-- And its packed with so much more...

Still not Sure? Lets Chat!

Book a 1 on 1 walkthrough call and we'll not only review your needs to see if we can help, but talk you through how to use the bits of Entactic that will have the most impact.

Small Business Success Stories

“I believe Entactic is that answer”

Whenever I go to seminars conferences, the talking heads have been saying for a couple of years that we need to transition to advisors. What no one has ever said is how on earth they expect us to do it!? I believe Entactic is that answer.

Stephen Blacktop
Business Learning Center
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“I made Entactic. I use Entactic.”

Quoting oneself on a landing page is definitely the cool thing to do. To that end-- at Entactic we eat our own dogfood and use Entactic in the day to day running of our business. That means that anything we add to make ourselves more successful, you benefit from too!

Ash Guy
Founder / CEO Entactic
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All the FAQs

Some questions that people sometimes ask us-- in case you're wondering.

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Do you offer a product free trial?

Kind of-- if you sign up with our "Sample" data feed you'll be able to jump in and poke around with all of the features without a credit card. Sample businesses area automatically removed after 14 days. If you want to use your own data, the cost of our entry level accounts is so low that we think jumping in and giving it a try is a no brainer-- but let us know if it doesn't!

How do you secure my data?

We take security more seriously than most SaaS businesses out there. At a basic level every piece of software we use that has access to your data in owned and managed by us-- we don't pipe your data anywhere else. In relation to your data specifically, each business has its data kept in a set of individual quarantined databases that only you have access to. Finally we don't use security features to differentiate plans-- if something is critical for enterprise customers its critical for everyone.

I want to get my data from <Platform Y>

So there are two approaches if we don't publicly support your transaction platform. If you're going to be an enterprise customer as part of your setup you can create your own external connector and send data from anywhere into Elements. Alternatively, if you're not there yet, but you think your transaction platform would be a great one for us to add to our standard list, reach out and we'll look at including it!

What if I need more help?

Elements is built by Business experts to maximise the success of businesses. If you need more help in your business all users have access to booking sessions with advisors across our network to help unstick you in issues related to Elements, or more broadly related to your business in general.

Is Entactic AI (Sentient or otherwise)?

Entactic does use Machine learning models and LLMs as components in the wider platform, however where they are used they're run entirely within our networks on our servers. This means (unlike most platforms you'll find) your data remains yours, and isn't being encoded into the models of OpenAI, Google etc.

Tell me about the Entactic Impact Program...

Reach out! A large part of our mission is about helping grow small businesses that have the biggest impact in communities and regions that are poorly served and supported by existing services. As such we have custom plans and services to support your efforts!